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Recruitment process

Step 1: ET – POL Global Marketing a person send emails and call to different companies and work agencies to get demand for workers.
Also happens that company and agencies call to ET – POL Global to get workers.
Step 2: Understand demand and exchange with information.
Step 3: ET – POL Global sign cooperation contract direct with company or with work agency.
Step 4: Make the recruitment and selection of workers.
Step 5: Recruitment and selection candidates documents are sent to person who is responsible for a work permit.
Step 6: Work permit is applied ( It takes 3 – 4 months) depend on which state of Poland is company and workplace.
Step 7: Once a work permit is ready, book a visa appointment in Poland Embassy.
Step 8: Once an appointment in the embassy is fixed ET – POL Global documentation person prepares a set of documents that are needed to submit in Poland Embassy.
Step 9: Candidate visit Embassy and submit documents for the visa (Poland Embassy take 15 days to give visa decision) in case of visa refusal ET – POL Global legalization department prepare document for appeal and candidate go for an appeal.
Step 10: Visa result ( If a candidate gets a visa then very good and if doesn’t get then we can’t do anything).
Step 11: Those who get visa we inform the company that we got a visa (Fix when candidate should come to work) according to that buy flight ticket. Once a ticket is conformed send a ticket to a company or agency.
Step 12: Company informs airport border security with name and flight details so that they don’t hold them much time for checking purposes. Company arrange transport and from ET – POL Global side our field manager goes to pick up candidates.
Step 13: ET – POL Global team welcome candidate to Poland. give access to wifi, mobile Sim to call family and inform that they reached safely so the family won’t worry.
The place to be fresh, Tea, Coffee, and food.
After having break of 2-3 hours candidates move with ET – POL Global field manager to workplace accommodation.
Step 14: ET – POL Global field manager accommodates them, buys food items, explains and provided all necessary information.
In accommodation, all necessary items are provided.
Step 15: Candidates go with medical tests and process (Depend on work It takes few days of time), If they work with food them to get help certificate takes 7-8 days, if not food then it takes 2-3 days.
Step 16: Training (explanation) class about safety and how to behave in the workplace (This class is always in understanding language) if the candidate understands English then in English if not then translate oral or in written in candidates origin language. ET – POL Global has access to translator of almost all languages.
Step 17: Candidates join work.
Step 18: If any problem then talk with supervisor on workplace and they have contact details of ET – POL Global team (field manager, project assistant of exact country.
Step 19: Candidates get a salary next month of 10-15 (for example if work in January, salary will be paid in between 10 -15 of February) this is how it works in Poland.
Step 20: If any mistake or misunderstanding is in salary they give notification to company
supervisor or ET – POL Global team (field manager, project assistant of exact country.
Step 21: If candidates don’t feel good, any help issue they just inform the company supervisor or ET – POL Global team (field manager, project assistant of exact country.
Step 22: If the company supervisor or ET – POL Global team (field manager, project assistant of the exact country: not giving proper response then they have direct access to M.D. of ET – POL Global. M.D. of ET – POL Global meets with each candidate 1 time in a month inside the workplace or in accommodation place with the aim to understand them, to understand the candidate’s problem, opinion, view, vision.
Step 23: M.D. of ET – POL Global try his best to understand the problem and solve as soon as possible for candidates will be happy.
AIM of ET – POL Global provides the best service and have a nice cooperation with candidates.
The motive of ET – POL Global to get success and earn together.
Team of ET – POL Global know without the cooperation and nice cooperation it’s not possible to get nice result and success.
Note: M.D. of ET – POL Global give instruction to whole team to be kind, humble and responsible for work (task).
Team of ET – POL Global is like a kind of family team and they do there best and give there best on the project.
Step 1: ET-POL Global recruitment assistance help you to choose the university that you want to apply
Step 2: creat a personal account
Step 3: a passport style photo uploaded to the personal account 
Step 4: Applicattion forms
Step 5: Passport – to confirm and verify a [ersonal data
Step 6: original high school diploma/certificate legalized in embassy or apostilled
Step 7: Sworn translation of HS diploma/certificate
Step 8: eligibility statement or no-objection letter ,stating that the obtained HS diploma /certificate entities candidate tp proceed to a higher education level in the country where the diploma/certificate was issued
Step 9: language certificate providing the level of language of your instruction  
Step 10: signed commitment tp purchase health insurance
Step 11: payment confirmation of registration fee & tuition fee

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