SURA Investment Group

Sura Investment consultancy

we are here to help you

  • Provide Financial Guidance to you
  • Consult Directly with Clients who want to invest
  • Monitor financial market  and investment performance

Our Services

we  works with you to form an investment strategy. Clients may be individuals or businesses—small businesses to larger corporations. we are responsible to review the your  financial situation and come up with a plan to meet your goals.

Embassy information

Giving detail information about embassies in Ethiopia for people who want to go aboard .


For both local and foreign companies we do identifying ,attracting, interviewing , selecting, hiring and on boarding employees

providing experties in specific market

Having expertise helps a firm make better marketing decisions

providing objective

setting objectives is the process of establishing a direction to guie learning

Visa consultancy

Helps people to emigrate from one country to another country through legal and documenttion process to increase the chances of immigration for study work travel or business purpose

creating a new business

Giving consultacy for investors who are here to create a new bussiness and don,t know on what to envest

Time is money

If you are ready to invest in our country we are here to help you from now on .